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AirFiber 5G30‑S45 (AF‑5G30‑S45)

IDR 2,321,000.00

Slant 45 Antenna for airFiber®

The airFiber® X Antennas feature significant advances in noise isolation and beam performance to complement the airFiber X radios for carrier backhauls and Point-to-Point (PtP) bridging.

Models: AF‑11G35, AF‑2G24‑S45, AF‑3G26‑S45, AF‑5G23‑S45, AF‑5G30‑S45, AF‑5G34‑S45

Compact Footprint for Deployment Flexibility

The compact form factor allows the airFiber X Antennas to be used in various applications, from carrier backhauls between towers to PtP bridging between buildings.